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^ I agree .. I love the style of this bag LV

,To me both are spacious enough for my daily essentials, although I find Tivoli easier to fit in more stuff due to its shape. I will avoid over stuffing the alma just in case it loses its shape. gucci handbags,

Congrats!!! I'm so glad it's finally out of the postal strike! lv bags


Yay congrats!! lv bags

,i had that same situation once, got the mahina and it was totally worth it... lv bags,
Beautiful collection! I really like that Damier Looping and the MJ Single in Stardust.I have the Bloomsbury PM, just bought it a couple of days ago. I WISH LV made a MM in this bag as I would like just a wee bit more room. The GM was huge on me. louis vuitton wallet

I see this Odeon bag is now available on but I haven't seen any postings of owners yet. I'm considering the GM and wonder if anyone has her yet and what do you think? louis vuitton replica


I am watching it for the second time tonight, because of you guys. I just don't believe they would carry fakes, but Tamara's bag does look like a Speedy from all angles (handles and shape). IYYY Curumba, I SAW THE GOLD PLATE! What is the meaning of this?TPFers like ants on candy on anything Louis Vuitton. louis vuitton luggage

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